April 6, 2012

Geometric Shapes

I had never gone thrift shopping before last week, but after watching so many (literally, too much of my time is spent on fashion videos, oops) vintage and thrifted hauls, I decided to give it a try at my nearest thrift store. I'll admit it was incredibly overwhelming at first and I just couldn't find these incredible sweaters and skirts other people were finding. However, I wasn't disappointed, leaving with this dark blue dress with geometric patterns for only $6! And surprisingly, the tag read forever 21. I'm sure, it would have been more than $15 in stores. (I got some other stuff too, which will appear in more posts later on.) Because it's so thin, it's incredibly versatile. You can wear it as a dress or tuck it into some shorts! 
Yeah, and sorry I always tend to slack off on posts at the beginning of the month. Gotta have some breather room right? 
Also, just for fun, the last picture are the roses I received when I was asked to prom a couple days ago. I'll be sure to post a picture of my dress when the day gets closer. But as of now, let me know if you guys went to prom and if you have any tips and advice, definitely leave them below!
thrifted f21 dress
f21 belt
draped caridgan
bow necklace c/o oasap
flats from payless
(Thanks for reading;)