March 31, 2012

Vibrant Shades + Versatile Blog Award

Simple half summer half winter look, featuring floral shorts and a purple sweater with a ridiculously high collar but too soft and warm not to wear. Sorry I don't have much variety when it comes to shoes, but converse are honestly the easiest for me to pull on and walk around during school.
Also, thank you to Mara from I Like Your Ears and Mars from Soul Blabber for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Too lazy to write an actual post about it, but thank you very much!
And might as well say this now since I'm been too lazy (again) to write a post about this, but if you're in the mood to do some online shopping, definitely check out Mochi Beaucoup, an online site that has a bunch of  super adorable and quirky jewelry for incredibly reasonable prices! You can get 20% by typing in the code Sprinkle20MB. Easy as that!
Just one more thing: it's already April! Whoa, what... but hello summer. (:

purple vneck
jcpenney floral shorts
chain belt
white converse
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March 28, 2012

I was browsing and ... (March Wishlist)

In love with a couple things this month, beginning with this adorable sparrow print romper (link) for only $14! And shipping is incredibly cheap on their site. It's so perfect for summer with a cute and simple belt and an adorable hat. Does that not scream summer to you?
I know I always put skirts in these wish lists, but this one (link as seen on Brown Platform), I need. The color, the material, the flowy-ness of it, the ruffles. This is just screaming for me. (More screaming, haha.)
Lastly, how adorable and unique is this knot bracelet (link as seen on Wendy's Lookbook). Some people might not like it, but I absolutely love it. (Thanks for reading;)

March 26, 2012

Come Morning Light

I received this necklace as a chictopia reward, which I'm sure many of you chictopia users have seen Shop Calico give multiple away as rewards, a while ago. Once I had my hands on this turquoise and gold spiked necklace, I realized that it would look incredible as the focal point against a simple black dress, which I don't have. So, I opted for a much more casual look with the necklace as the focal point against a sweater instead. 
(Title is from Taylor Swift's Hunger Games song. As for the actual movie, which I won't go into much detail for those of you who haven't seen it yet, I'll just say it was incredible but I wish I hadn't watched so many youtube clips of it so it was more of a surprise.)
sweater from local store
leggings from target
spike necklace from chictopia rewards 
white converse
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March 22, 2012

Ruffles and Pleats

I absolutely love the blazing sun against my back and even when my dark hair seems like it's going to catch on fire from the heat, so I thought I'd wear all black and grey today to absorb as much heat as possible since my body isn't very good at keeping up a warm enough body temperature. Just kidding, okay maybe not, but hey, who doesn't like being warm? Speaking of catching fire, anyone going to see the Hunger Games movie? Well, I am, and I'm beyond excited! However, I can't go to the midnight premiere, but definitely let me know if you're going.
ruffled sleeveless top from macys
f21 bow belt
skirt from target
sweater tights from target
white converse
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March 20, 2012

A Spring Garden

It's officially the season of blooming flowers, light rains on warm sunny days, basking in the sun, and for spring trends like floral shorts, light flowy tops billowing in the breeze, pastels and neutrals, to emerge, and I can hardly contain my excitement.
(Alright, enough with the outfit-lacking posts. New outfit going up Thursday.)
All pictures are from Tumblr
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March 17, 2012

Trending Without Spending

1. link 2. link 3. link

I'm sure most of you are very familiar with these three very trendy pieces of clothing, that (don't worry) I am craving like crazy as well: A biker jacket (link) that reminds me an awful lot of my own jacket in this post here, with an asymmetrical zipper, shiny brass buttons along the jacket, collar, and sleeve cuff, and it's pink too, which makes the tough jacket slightly more feminine and absolutely perfect for spring. I think the website also some other biker jackets in other colors, such as black, brown, white, red, and even a fun light purple color (link)... seriously check it out. Oh my gosh, it's so pretty I want to die. =.=, oh no, it's even bringing out my asian emoticons.
Anyway, those shoes. Look familiar? They're extremely similar to Romwe's spiked loafers, which are unfortunately out of stock on their website right now. So if you're still looking for some dangerous flats, check out this link for some that are slightly less than Romwe's.
Lastly, lace shorts: my goodness, look at all that delicate detailing and beading. They would look adorable with a bright colored or pastel blazer and some nude heels. Actually, a leather jacket and some spiked flats would look pretty cool, juxtaposed against the feminine lace.
You can pick up all three at Oasap, an online store that offers some incredibly cute and trendy pieces for great prices and free world wide shipping. Sorry, if you didn't get that the first time, I said FREE world wide shipping! Hehe, don't you love it when online stores do that? I do. And if the clothing isn't exactly in your price range, definitely check out their jewelry, which always is the first place I go when I find a new online store. They have some incredible things, including a mustache necklace. (;
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March 16, 2012

A Chance to Layer

This whole week's going to be rainy and gloomy; you know, just in case you were dying to know the weather here in California. But let's try to be positive: now I have a chance to attempt layering! For today, I layered with a basic top, a white vest, and a red jacket. Literally, half of my mom's closet consists of thin, no-sleeve flyaways/vests, and I'll usually wear them occasionally during the summer time. However, now I have finally found a way to incorporate them into fall/winter outfits: as layering pieces! They add colorful contrasting layers, without creating bulk.
jcpenney red jacket
top from china
charlotte russe scarf
decree white vest from jcpenney
leggings from target 
white converse
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March 13, 2012

The Glowing Sun

I am clearly in love with wearing a combination of pink and yellow (previous post also wearing pink and yellow here) and I guess wearing those colors just makes me super happy. Although, I've never really liked the color pink like most stereotyped girls. I've just never looked at the color and said "wow that's a pretty color". Now, mint green, on the other hand: who can resist and not admire such an appealing refreshing color?  Outfit incorporating mint green coming soon in the near future, by the way. But back to the outfit: pink shimmering top with a delicate neckline and floral lace, paired with a fluttering yellow skirt and gold jewelry. Hopefully, you can also find some room in your daily outfits for a bit of pink and yellow, hehe.

pink vneck top with lace
yellow skirt from burlington coat factory
gold jewelry from f21
white converse
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March 10, 2012


Just a random collage of very much envied closets and clothes, especially that pink and orange set, just screaming spring and summer, and the sparkly set, which looks more like a rack of costume pieces but never the less beautiful. The other two resemble my own closet a little more, with very neutral casual pieces. Oh how I want to go shopping...

All pictures from tumblr.
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March 5, 2012


Having taken these outfit pictures while the weather was still rainy (it actually started to rain while I was taking them and I had to hurry back inside), I saved them because for the next week, I unfortunately won't be able to take any outfit pictures because my brother's taking the camera on his school camping trip. So that sucks... But hopefully, this will feed you until then. This incredibly soft and cute peacoat with large shiny buttons is the greatest weapon against cold weather, and I think most people should find one that fits them well, especially if you live in the colder parts of the world. To brighten up the entire outfit, I would wear some fun colored jeans, if I had any. However, I don't, so I opted for a bright top that peeked through the coat. You're going to need to add some color if you don't want to blend into the gloomy weather!

peacoat from the brand hydraulic
red top
black jeans from celebrity pink jeans
white converse
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