December 22, 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Today technically marks the beginning of winter, although, the season of cold weather and gloomy days has already begun in my mind. Even though I'm definitely more of a summer-spring type of person, winter can be magical too (but I guess you can't experience the full effect without snow).

And I also want to thank you guys for all the comments on my last outfit post and the sudden increase of readers. I appreciate you for simply coming across my blog that I started just last week! (:
I'll also be going to a holiday party for my mom's company, so keep your eyes open for that outfit post. Until then, enjoy some wintery pictures I put together (and haha I don't have an iPhone so I had to find ways to do the cool photoshake app without the actual app).
(All pictures are from Tumblr. Thanks for reading;)