May 27, 2013

Prom Season

It's well into prom season now, and even if you're not going, looking at prom dresses, trying them on with friends is a fun event in itself. And if you don't have all the time in the world (and still have some finals left, ugh, I know, I feel your pain), online shopping is the best way to go. Today, I'm showing my recent favorites I found online!
I would die to go back in time and buy this dress for prom. It is absolutely breathtaking and by far the prettiest dress I have ever seen, no exaggeration. First off, I love the glittery tulle-lookalike material it's made of. And all the colored crystals on the sleeve and waist (which definitely pulls together the look to exaggerate the smallest part of your waist) reminds me of stained glass. A moment of appreciation for this masterpiece.
With long dresses, flowy bottoms are my favorite. I'm not as into the mermaid, tight bodice type of long dresses. Flowy bottoms feel and look romantic, and this dress in pink is exactly that. The design on the top is incredibly stunning. I've not a huge fan of the necklace she has on, a dainty piece would show off the top more, but the model and the dress look so romantic and dreamy. Real way to sweep a guy off their feet.
The first two dresses I showed are both really romantic and luxurious, but this one is more on the playful, sweet side. A perfect dress for spending the last night of high school with all your closest friends. Yet, this dress still keeps that romantic element that I'm such a huge fan of with the contrasting black and red, not to mention the beautiful red roses decorating the bodice.

I hope you guys have a good prom if you're going. Anyway, I'm going to grab some ice cream and look at more prom dresses. OH, and wedding dresses. Okay, I'm getting a little ahead of myself huh?
(Thanks for reading;)