May 5, 2013

I was browsing and ... (April Wishlist)

I love, love, love flowy graphic tees in the summer. You can find quite a selection on online whole sale clothing shops, such as this cute one with a simple mouse graphic. (link)
Nothing is sweeter in the spring and summer than pastel blazers. Dyinggg for this one. (link)
Prom season is right around the corner. I'm not a huge big ball gown type of girl for prom, but I love the sweet and adorable cocktail dresses that you can find everywhere online. The ruffles and mesh detailing are so pretty here, and I love me a skater dress skirt. 
Did I mention this is crazyy affordable? Less than $10, such a bargain. (link)
I love this deep red chiffon dress, very romantic. Its flowiness not only adds movement when you walk, but it keeps you cool during summer nights. Plus, it's another great prom dress option. There are a ton of sites with extremely affordable prom dresses trendy for 2013, that I suggest you all check out. (link)
(Thanks for reading;)