January 30, 2012

Cause there'll be no more sunlight..

If I lose you, baby
There'll be no clear skies
If I lose you, baby.
- Bruno Mars's It Will Rain

I have been infatuated with printed hoodies as of late, because they require close to no effort at all to throw on, along with leggings and boots. These hoodies have become among my winter staples, and I will definitely be hunting down some more. Enjoy the pictures, and the lovely sun for now.

f21 floral hoodie
leggings from target
necklace from threadsence
boots from payless
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January 27, 2012

I was browsing and... (January Wishlist)

I thought I would start doing these monthly "I was browsing... " online and I came across these beautiful intriguing articles of clothing type of posts. Let me know if you enjoy them. 
I wear leggings almost all the time, so naturally, I was drawn to these leggings (link) that have a little more detail than your average black stretchy pants: zippers! They add a tough effect and would look great juxtaposed with a flowy white top or something of a girly nature, or with this baggy hoodie (link) for a relaxed feel. I adore hoodies, especially with kangaroo pockets (my favorite type of pockets! is that weird to have a favorite type of pocket.. probably) in the winter time, or maybe even in the spring (which you will see a post on very soon).
I love these two outfits, every piece and part of it. The first one, which is definitely more like my style, includes a bright red eye-catching hoodie (link) which just makes me swoon (again with the adorable hoodies) with a white cat on the front and little white cat ears on the hood, paired with shorts, tights, and winter boots. The second features a darling cream sweater adorned with a thicker peter pan collar, which is honestly all the rage on blogs these days, this tulle skirt with a sheer overlay of polka dots (link), and the usual tights and black heels. Oh goodness, I don't even have the adjectives to describe this delightful skirt, but as for the price, not so much. I bet all this online browsing will eventually drive me crazy, but it's worth it.
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January 23, 2012


Resolving to incorporate more colors in outfits includes experimenting with all types of colors and shades. Here, I tried wearing deeper shades of yellow, with a bright yellow scarf, including an admixture of black, browns, and greys, which probably isn't the most flattering combination of colors, but nonetheless, enjoy this cozy outfit.

handknit scarf
tunic from macys
f21 belt
cardigan from .. i dont know
leggings from target
boots from payless
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January 21, 2012

A Sublime Vest

Throughout the day, I could not help by cave into my urge to pet my vest every several seconds to be reminded that yes, it really is as soft and furry as it looks. Not only is the texture absolutely divine, but who can resist this calming, fresh mint green color? Just looking at it makes me feel jubliant. Although it is more of a spring outfit, with the green vest layered on top of a white dress (which is really a white tee and my white skirt in disguise, aha! another way to incorporate my favorite skirt), it was definitely fitting for the weather at the time.

lime green fur vest of wonderfulness from my mom
white tee from feel100%
white skirt from target
sweater tights from target
black converse

January 19, 2012

Bows and Ruffles

I’ll admit this is a rather monotonous, banal look, besides the admixture of knit and ruffled textures, but to be quite candid, I don't naturally strive to incorporate eye-catching, bright (or even any) colors in my everyday life, just comfort, which this outfit was the epitome of. However, the good news for those not as interested in outfits they could pair together in their sleep is that I have been trying to wear simple colors, as you will see in future posts, I promise. Until then, enjoy this girly look featuring a bow adorned top, so-warm-almost-suffocating circle scarf, and a ruffle-y skirt. 

circle scarf from charlotte russe
f21 bow long sleeve
ruffled skirt from macys? maybe?
black converse
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January 15, 2012


Freshmen year, a girl that sat next to me came into math one day wearing a cream-colored jacket with sheer stripes revealing the brightly colored top underneath. I remember thinking, that is the coolest thing ever. Fast forward a year or two, the memory fomented me to pick out this sheer striped loose-fitting top, which is layered over a purple tee with a bandage skirt and my long-time-coveted bow belt. Result: a very urbane look, minus the converse. Yes, I know, I am destroying every look with the sneakers.

f21 striped cream top
f21 belt
f21 purple striped bandage skirt
(wow almost head to toe in f21 clothes..)
black converse

January 12, 2012

The End of the Rainbow

Despite suddenly being encumbered with homework and vigorous SAT practice (yes, the dreaded three letter word for many high school-ers), I cajoled myself to take the extra ten minutes to take somewhat decent pictures of my outfit. So here, I present yet another variation of a top, cardigan, and skirt look, fusing adjacent colors at the end of the rainbow spectrum, blue and purple, simply cuffing the purple top over the cardigan for a slightly more urbane look and the additional emphasis on the mixture of colors, and pairing simple white pieces for a crisp feeling. Simple looks with just several pieces are definitely more of my style.

purple top from walmart
cardigan from local store
f21 belt
white skirt from target
white converse
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January 8, 2012

Sweet at Heart

An ensemble I put together for school, featuring a dusty red sweater, my winter essential leather and sweater jacket, and white jeans. As many of you may know, I despise jeans and their uncomfortable denim feel against my skin, although it is very likely that the problem instead is my skin. However, when I discovered my black jeans I featured a while ago and found not only the fit to be impressive, but as well as comfort level , I immediately brought a white pair and a purple pair from the same brand home with me, which I am thrilled about.
And here is a glimpse of the maroon short-sleeved sweater, summer and winter attire coalesced into one charming knit top, very fitting for the California climate, fortunately, the antithesis of the typical winter weather.
Anyway, I've heard that pairing booties with the same colored tights elongates and slims your legs to create one solid piece; Does that work with jeans and sneakers too? :D

love change sweater from macys
ashley jacket from ross
jeans from pink celebrity jeans
white converse 
bow cuff and rings from a long time ago
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January 5, 2012

Light Blue Summer Skies

Inspired by the ubiquitous collar-beneath-sweater-adorned-with-a-necklace look, I paired this violet blue f21 sweater (the one I was telling you about with the holes), bunched up the sleeves for a more relaxed vibe to counter-balance the proper-ness of the white collar (and frankly, to dissemble that nasty hole at the sleeve and to temporarily alter the awkward not-quite-3-quarter-sleeve length), with a blue and purple floral necklace, and my trusty white skirt.

Unfortunately, the bulk created by the sweater and collar shirt could not be masked with a simple belt, oh well. I'd also like to introduce to you my other baby, the white converse sneaker. My converse sneakers all happily live together in my closet, and I'm sure you'll all grow tired of my pairing every outfit with a corresponding converse sneaker. (:

f21 sweater
white button up shirt
floral necklace gifted
white skirt from target
white converse
cheap rings from a long time ago
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January 2, 2012

Sweaters and winter go hand in hand.

Happy 2012, everyone!

You can't really go through the winter season without a thick knit sweater or cardigan, because for one thing, they're everywhere you go and in every store you shop. Throw them on with a pair of jeans or tights, and there's no need to sacrifice warmth.

I'm so crazy over these circle scarfs, so I turned a regular scarf into a circle one by turning the ends together and hiding the knot in the back with your hair. I like to think I fooled some people, haha.

purple plaid DIY circle scarf
purple vneck tee from love culture 
american eagle cardigan
sweater tights from target
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