December 13, 2012

You Make My Heart Pump

Can you believe it is almost Christmas, yet here I am wearing shorts? But hey, at least I'm wearing a sweater. And you're probably really grossed out by my necklace (even my mom was like ew, so you're not the only one rocking that boat), and I apologize in advance for its weirdness. But how cool is this anatomical, physically accurate heart necklace? All my biology-fanatics out there will be so proud. 

Also, the long awaited giveaway winner for the gold peter pan collar necklace from Opposites Attract is Shirley! Congratulations! I have already contacted you, and am waiting to ship this out to you. And for those that didn't win, if you are still interested, you can still buy it here!

thrifted colorblock sweater
target black shorts
heart necklace c/o foxinthebox
white converse
(Thanks for reading;)