December 9, 2012

Lego Hearts

As the weather is getting colder and colder, I'm starting to love (and hoard, you'll see what I mean later) sweater dresses. I think I've established the fact that I hate wearing pants hhah and I will wear leggings and tights even in the winter time, as it doesn't go too cold here. They are just super comfortable and fuss free. 

Here, I just wore my Target sweater that I bought in a large to cover up a bit. The front reminds me of Lego blocks, hence my title. I put on my leather sweatshirt and a dainty necklace and off I go to school.

My cute heart necklace is from Sora Designs, which sells all kinds of cute trinkets and initialized necklaces in forms of hearts as well as triangles. I've been wearing my necklace practically every day; it's super adorable and is an easy everyday-necklace. I highly recommend the store, so definitely check them out!
target sweater dress
target tights
initial necklace c/o soradesigns
payless flats
(Thanks for reading;)