December 1, 2012


I picked up this bold yellow tribal cardigan, and instantly, my brother was like EW. But I guess not everyone is going to love your style, because I LOVE this cardigan. It is literally like a giannnntt blanket. I paired it with neutrals because it is the easiest way to go. This would also be adorable with yellow flats or something to bring out those beautiful yellows and tans.

I'd also like to tell you about this cool website I found that sells clothing shipped from Asia, called Ahai Shopping. I got the striped long sleeve from there and no joke, I have been wearing it nonstop. This is probably kind of embarrassing to admit, but I wear it under like every sweater because it is sooo darn comfy and high quality. So people think I have a new outfit every day, but I'm still wearing that same top underneath it all. Even after a couple washes, it maintains its shape, unlike some of the other pieces I have been sent.

It was originally on sale for $9.99, because believe it or not, they have a $9.99 SECTION! I love it,  but now the price is 20 something. However, don't fret. They have a lot of other cool stuff on the 9.99 page. Currently they have a black lace dress that I've been eyeing (link) as well as some cute long sleeves (link and link). The second link reminds me of a Wild Fox jumper. Great store, you just have to look for the right sales.
striped top c/o ahai
cardigan from local store
target skirt
target tights
payless flats
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