November 25, 2012

Grids & Roses

I absolutely love the oh so beautiful 3D rose sweaters from American Apparel. I see them everywhere, and with it off the shoulder and paired with a pleated skirt, I cannot resist, but I also have to tell myself no, you are not paying $80 for that sweater that, let's be honest, probably isn't very warm and winter appropriate. So I actually got this similar one from Forever 21, and I convinced myself that I am happy enough with this (almost) 3D rose sweater. 

I paired it with my favorite black asymmetric zipper jacket, a gold triangle necklace from Portals and Prisms, and black pants. I love all triangular and geometric jewelry, super interesting and fun. I'm all for it.

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black jacket
necklace c/o portals and prisms
f21 3d rose top
beige cami
black leggings
(Thanks for reading;)