October 13, 2012


I think there is some rule out there that says every mom's closet must have a couple hidden gems in there, no matter what you think of your mom's taste in clothing. You will find a piece that you will completely fall in love with, and wonder why she doesn't wear this like every single day.
This beautiful watercolor-looking cardigan with mismatched buttons is exactly like for me. I went wiiilld when I first found it hidden in the back of my mom's closet; I think you can see why. The pattern looks so unique, and just yells vintage. When I first rediscovered it, I instantly thought of so many ways on how to wear this, so you will definitellyy be seeing this cardigan in the future.
Today I decided to keep it as the focal point in the outfit, buttoning it up all the way and pairing it with a black collar to prep-ize it and a mini black skirt. Tell me in the comments if you've ever found any amazing pieces in your mother's closet!
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mom's cardi
collared blouse
target skirt
bracelet c/o 31 bits
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