October 19, 2012

Colors of Autumn: Tan

Bright red, orange trees color the sky, the smell of hot tea, hot chocolate, hot anything, pumpkins on front porches, in pies and in candle form. These are just some of the things that remind of this glorious time we call autumn. So in celebration of fall's arrival (for most of you, it probably started in August), I decided for the next 7 weeks (I wanted to do a month, because it sounds cooler but I had so many fall colors I wanted to do, I was like whatever, we'll make it 7 weeks, so that's until the end of November) every Friday I will have a color coordinated want list consisting of both designer and affordable items, to get us more fall-inspired.
Today I present you with a great color, especially for fall, and that works so well in layers. It's the perfect fall color to replace the summer whites, neutral yet crisp and chic. TAN!
(Thanks for reading;)