October 26, 2012

Colors of Autumn: Burgundy

Last night, I had a dream that I thrifted an American Apparel 3D rose sweater, and I was the saddest when I woke up. That's when you knooww you have an obsession. And now, you guys are probably thinking hmmm I'm kind of wanting one too. Well I looked into some MUCH cheaper options, and there are a BUNCH on ebay, so I would recommend that, but anyways, back to dreaming.

Actually, back to this post. I'm doing another one of those Colors of Autumn post. You can see my previous one on the color tan right here. But, Burgundy: An extremely popular fall collar. You're seeing them on bloggers just about everywhere. I haven't been able to shop for this fall trend yet, but I'm looking for some nice burgundy sweaters, like this sheep one below. So cute!

And congratulations to the winner of my Untitled Label giveaway, Paulina Briones. I've already contacted you. (:

(Thanks for reading;)