September 17, 2012

Wanted: Nude Studded Flats

I decided to do another "Wanted" post (links to my other ones: Tea Party Dresses & Sheer Blouses), but this time on FLATS! Yay, I love flats so much, and I've been thinking about buying some, searching far and wide. Flats are undoubtedly comfortable and convenient to slip on, yet can make you look very put together. Nude shoes. Need I say anymore? I think they're very classy, and go with absolutely everything.
Now, nude flats have been around for a while. Nothing new, nothing special, but what I've been seeing a lot of are studded shoes. Studs everywhere: on sneakers, on loafers, on ballet flats. So here are some of my favorites:

One. Very simplistic. Exactly what I've been craving: nude studded flats, and for sooo cheap ($19). You really can't beat that. By the way, all these flats are under $30, which is absolutely amazing. I've seen a lot of the toe cap flats around, and studs are another alternative to add some metal.

Two. OHMIGOSH THESE SHOES. Let's just take a moment, a long moment to fully appreciate these babies. They're so beautiful, I want to cry. Don't you? The square studs are a much classier approach to the stud look, and the pointed toe makes it even more appropriate for, say, a fancy brunch.

 Three. Drool with me? I think we should all get some suede nude booties. I have never had lace up shoes, minus my converse, and I'm just dying to get some now. They look so fun and cute.
Well, that's enough of my obsessing over nude studded flats.
(Thanks for reading;)