September 14, 2012

Summertime Coral

I hate how grim the morning weather is. You look outside and the sky is just depressing, makes you want to go back to sleep. But in the afternoon, the sky completely brightens up. It's crazy, so I'm always freezing in the morning, but it's completely worth it when the sun comes out. We're still wearing tank tops here in California, so I wore this coral (you guys don't understand how beautiful the color is, it is stunninngg) tank top from a cute Etsy shop called The Printed Palette. They have a ton of designs to choose from, and also do custom tshirts and tank tops. My necklace is from Foxy Originals, and adds a more dressed up feel to this super casual outfit. (Direct links to these items are always at the bottom.)
foxy originals necklace
target black skirt
white converse
(Thanks for reading;)