May 6, 2012

Salmon + Fox House Giveaway Winner

Wow, Cathy, way to slack off at the beginning of the month again. What's my excuse this time? Uh, AP tests and finals? I hope that's reasonable enough. Anyway, I wore this out today: a flowy black shorts-resembling-skirt, an orange/salmon top with a diamond pattern that I bought ages ago at f21 for $6 (Remember when forever 21 used to be inexpensive? It doesn't really seem that way anymore), a black studded belt, black converse, and a stunning, simple and delicate necklace from PetiteCo on etsy. 

Honestly, some of the stuff they make on etsy is absolutely amazing, and you would be supporting real individuals and their hobbies/jobs. I really recommend you check out PetiteCo if you like very dainty and simple jewelry. Some of my other favorites include their Color Block Bar Bracelet (link) and their Spike Bracelet (link). Their bracelets are really great for stacking together with others, if you're more into that than I am. But I'm obsessed with this necklace, and I pretty much wear it every day now.

As for the Fox House Giveaway, thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to V J C. Fox House will be contacting you very soon!
f21 orange top
target skirt
necklace c/o petiteco
(Thanks for reading;)