April 30, 2012

Time Stands Still (Prom)

Oh my gosh, that went and came just like that. So crazy, I got home and was like ...whoa. But besides my incompetence to fully absorb all the events of that night, here are those pictures, which were professionally taken by my friend's dad. They're so incredible and breathtaking I can hardly believe these are of me. If only I had such an amazing camera and such amazing skill, right? haha. These were the closest pictures I could get to show my dress. I wore some black suede pumps and wore a couple rings, since my right earring hole decided to close up and refuse to let me wear some pretty earrings. But anyway, I had a good time, and I really hope you enjoy these pictures. (:
hailey logan one shoulder cut out dress
black heels from payless
(Thanks for reading;)