April 20, 2012

Time Grenade

Since way before I started blogging, when I was still admiring fashion bloggers from afar (well I guess, even now, it's still from afar), I noticed almost every fashion blogger has one, or maybe several, gorgeous patterned tights. I've always been a huge tights person, but I never could find the really cute ones with polka dots, hearts, or bows. It was rather frustrating because I feel like only cute stores in the UK, like Primark or Topshop, have them. But I finally found them on Oasap, and I'm super happy. You'll definitely be seeing me wearing these to death (aka until it somehow snags and giant hole appears and swallows the whole thing). But anyway, this outfit is pretty much the epitome of my style: comfy tee, jean shorts, tights, and of course, converse. I absolutely love it, and hope you do too. (:
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top from target's boys section
jean shorts
tights c/o oasap
blue converse
(Thanks for reading;)