April 27, 2012

Crazy Love

This is pretty much the definition of my style, and I feel like I've said that before on my blog, but this is it. This outfit's actually rather simple, but the brass bow necklace really dresses up the simple sheer striped top and jean shorts. I love the casual feel and the touch of dressiness with the necklace. Sorry this is a short description, but I'm so swamped with finals and exams coming up, and preparing for prom, which is tomorrow. That's kind of crazy, no? It crept up on me really fast, but lucky for those curious, I'll be posting pictures of the dress next. So look out for that, and check out the etsy shop Modern Verite, which is where my necklace came from. They sell a bunch of neat accessories. (:
bow necklace c/o modern verite
f21 sheer striped top
jean shorts
black converse
(Thanks for reading;)