April 30, 2012

Time Stands Still (Prom)

Oh my gosh, that went and came just like that. So crazy, I got home and was like ...whoa. But besides my incompetence to fully absorb all the events of that night, here are those pictures, which were professionally taken by my friend's dad. They're so incredible and breathtaking I can hardly believe these are of me. If only I had such an amazing camera and such amazing skill, right? haha. These were the closest pictures I could get to show my dress. I wore some black suede pumps and wore a couple rings, since my right earring hole decided to close up and refuse to let me wear some pretty earrings. But anyway, I had a good time, and I really hope you enjoy these pictures. (:
hailey logan one shoulder cut out dress
black heels from payless
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April 27, 2012

Crazy Love

This is pretty much the definition of my style, and I feel like I've said that before on my blog, but this is it. This outfit's actually rather simple, but the brass bow necklace really dresses up the simple sheer striped top and jean shorts. I love the casual feel and the touch of dressiness with the necklace. Sorry this is a short description, but I'm so swamped with finals and exams coming up, and preparing for prom, which is tomorrow. That's kind of crazy, no? It crept up on me really fast, but lucky for those curious, I'll be posting pictures of the dress next. So look out for that, and check out the etsy shop Modern Verite, which is where my necklace came from. They sell a bunch of neat accessories. (:
bow necklace c/o modern verite
f21 sheer striped top
jean shorts
black converse
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April 25, 2012

Unicorns and Other Mystical Creatures

I'm absolutely loving the warm, maybe even hot, weather so I decided to bring out my shorts permanently. The sun just bounces off this bright white top, and it was very hard to take pictures, because my camera refused to make the pretty pattern visible. However, it has cute little unicorns. I belted it, to attempt to achieve a somewhat of a peplum style top. Those are so cool, and when I went shopping last weekend, I literally saw them everywhere. It was hard to ignore, but I know the peplum style dresses are a bit too formal for me. Anyway, I'm absolutely in love with this delicate, brass bird necklace that hangs perfectly at the collar bone. But, enough with the blabber. Enjoy this outfit look.

white top c/o snoozer loser
bird necklace c/o modern verite 
f21 belt
jean shorts
black converse
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April 23, 2012

I was browsing and ... (April Wishlist)

I'm all about rompers and cute shorts when summer finally rolls around, so that's what I've been lusting over the most this past month. 
This super adorable speckled romper comes in two different colors. Personally, the orange is my favorite. It's so fresh and summery, especially since tangerine is the trending color this summer. I love the relaxed feel of this romper and how light and flowy it looks. Plus, that open slit in the back just adds to its perfection. 
Seriously, I need some cute tops with peter pan collars, especially after falling in love with Zoella280390 on youtube and her incredible, girly style. Also, awesome bag? Yes, I think so. The cute size just adds to the incredible studded mint green cross body bag.
But anyway, remember to join my Fox House Giveaway, which ends May 1st, for a chance to win $25.
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April 20, 2012

Time Grenade

Since way before I started blogging, when I was still admiring fashion bloggers from afar (well I guess, even now, it's still from afar), I noticed almost every fashion blogger has one, or maybe several, gorgeous patterned tights. I've always been a huge tights person, but I never could find the really cute ones with polka dots, hearts, or bows. It was rather frustrating because I feel like only cute stores in the UK, like Primark or Topshop, have them. But I finally found them on Oasap, and I'm super happy. You'll definitely be seeing me wearing these to death (aka until it somehow snags and giant hole appears and swallows the whole thing). But anyway, this outfit is pretty much the epitome of my style: comfy tee, jean shorts, tights, and of course, converse. I absolutely love it, and hope you do too. (:
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top from target's boys section
jean shorts
tights c/o oasap
blue converse
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April 17, 2012

Fox House Giveaway

I'm very excited to announce that Fox House has teamed up with me to give away a $25 gift credit to one of you lovely readers. It only takes a minute or two to enter. Rules are down below. Hope you enjoy!

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Good Luck!
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April 15, 2012


More purple! I'm just rocking tons of purple lately. Here's another that incorporates a purple scarf with crazy gorgeous embroidery and a dress with shoulder cut outs tucked into a black skirt. The tights look a lot more grey than they should be, but you all know how they look, from my countless outfits with them!
no brand scarf
sweater dress with shoulder cut outs from china
f21 belt
skirt from target
sweater tights from target
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April 13, 2012


I got a little desperate today. On the day of, the wind was crazy, shadows were washing out the vibrant colors, the sun was beating down, casting a glare on my face everywhere I tried to take a picture. So that hopefully explains the different locations. I wasn't actually planning to take pictures for this outfit, until my friend decided her purple fringe scarf looked better with my outfit, since my flats were the exact same color, and forgot to take it back at the end of the day. So of course I had to take advantage of this pretty circle fringe scarf.
friend's fringe scarf from f21
sweater from local store
black skirt from target
sweater tights from target
flats from payless
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April 10, 2012

Rings and Tings

For a while now, I've been literally fangirl-ing over all the incredibly adorable (and when I mean adorable, I mean ADORABLEEE) jewelry over at Rings and Tings. Below are some of my absolute favorites, but let's be honest, I would die for almost every single piece. They are all at extremely affordable prices and the store offers international shipping.
Even if you don't buy anything, I highly suggest you go over to their website and just check out their unique and trendy pieces. And if you are thinking of buying some pieces, they're offering a 10% discount count for you guys! All you have to do is enter in the code 'stylecard10'. The offer expires at the end of the month, so get that shopping in soon!
1.  2.  3.
4.  5.  6.
7.  8.  9.
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April 6, 2012

Geometric Shapes

I had never gone thrift shopping before last week, but after watching so many (literally, too much of my time is spent on fashion videos, oops) vintage and thrifted hauls, I decided to give it a try at my nearest thrift store. I'll admit it was incredibly overwhelming at first and I just couldn't find these incredible sweaters and skirts other people were finding. However, I wasn't disappointed, leaving with this dark blue dress with geometric patterns for only $6! And surprisingly, the tag read forever 21. I'm sure, it would have been more than $15 in stores. (I got some other stuff too, which will appear in more posts later on.) Because it's so thin, it's incredibly versatile. You can wear it as a dress or tuck it into some shorts! 
Yeah, and sorry I always tend to slack off on posts at the beginning of the month. Gotta have some breather room right? 
Also, just for fun, the last picture are the roses I received when I was asked to prom a couple days ago. I'll be sure to post a picture of my dress when the day gets closer. But as of now, let me know if you guys went to prom and if you have any tips and advice, definitely leave them below!
thrifted f21 dress
f21 belt
draped caridgan
bow necklace c/o oasap
flats from payless
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