March 17, 2012

Trending Without Spending

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I'm sure most of you are very familiar with these three very trendy pieces of clothing, that (don't worry) I am craving like crazy as well: A biker jacket (link) that reminds me an awful lot of my own jacket in this post here, with an asymmetrical zipper, shiny brass buttons along the jacket, collar, and sleeve cuff, and it's pink too, which makes the tough jacket slightly more feminine and absolutely perfect for spring. I think the website also some other biker jackets in other colors, such as black, brown, white, red, and even a fun light purple color (link)... seriously check it out. Oh my gosh, it's so pretty I want to die. =.=, oh no, it's even bringing out my asian emoticons.
Anyway, those shoes. Look familiar? They're extremely similar to Romwe's spiked loafers, which are unfortunately out of stock on their website right now. So if you're still looking for some dangerous flats, check out this link for some that are slightly less than Romwe's.
Lastly, lace shorts: my goodness, look at all that delicate detailing and beading. They would look adorable with a bright colored or pastel blazer and some nude heels. Actually, a leather jacket and some spiked flats would look pretty cool, juxtaposed against the feminine lace.
You can pick up all three at Oasap, an online store that offers some incredibly cute and trendy pieces for great prices and free world wide shipping. Sorry, if you didn't get that the first time, I said FREE world wide shipping! Hehe, don't you love it when online stores do that? I do. And if the clothing isn't exactly in your price range, definitely check out their jewelry, which always is the first place I go when I find a new online store. They have some incredible things, including a mustache necklace. (;
(Thanks for reading;)