March 5, 2012


Having taken these outfit pictures while the weather was still rainy (it actually started to rain while I was taking them and I had to hurry back inside), I saved them because for the next week, I unfortunately won't be able to take any outfit pictures because my brother's taking the camera on his school camping trip. So that sucks... But hopefully, this will feed you until then. This incredibly soft and cute peacoat with large shiny buttons is the greatest weapon against cold weather, and I think most people should find one that fits them well, especially if you live in the colder parts of the world. To brighten up the entire outfit, I would wear some fun colored jeans, if I had any. However, I don't, so I opted for a bright top that peeked through the coat. You're going to need to add some color if you don't want to blend into the gloomy weather!

peacoat from the brand hydraulic
red top
black jeans from celebrity pink jeans
white converse
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