March 26, 2012

Come Morning Light

I received this necklace as a chictopia reward, which I'm sure many of you chictopia users have seen Shop Calico give multiple away as rewards, a while ago. Once I had my hands on this turquoise and gold spiked necklace, I realized that it would look incredible as the focal point against a simple black dress, which I don't have. So, I opted for a much more casual look with the necklace as the focal point against a sweater instead. 
(Title is from Taylor Swift's Hunger Games song. As for the actual movie, which I won't go into much detail for those of you who haven't seen it yet, I'll just say it was incredible but I wish I hadn't watched so many youtube clips of it so it was more of a surprise.)
sweater from local store
leggings from target
spike necklace from chictopia rewards 
white converse
(Thanks for reading;)