January 8, 2012

Sweet at Heart

An ensemble I put together for school, featuring a dusty red sweater, my winter essential leather and sweater jacket, and white jeans. As many of you may know, I despise jeans and their uncomfortable denim feel against my skin, although it is very likely that the problem instead is my skin. However, when I discovered my black jeans I featured a while ago and found not only the fit to be impressive, but as well as comfort level , I immediately brought a white pair and a purple pair from the same brand home with me, which I am thrilled about.
And here is a glimpse of the maroon short-sleeved sweater, summer and winter attire coalesced into one charming knit top, very fitting for the California climate, fortunately, the antithesis of the typical winter weather.
Anyway, I've heard that pairing booties with the same colored tights elongates and slims your legs to create one solid piece; Does that work with jeans and sneakers too? :D

love change sweater from macys
ashley jacket from ross
jeans from pink celebrity jeans
white converse 
bow cuff and rings from a long time ago
(Thanks for reading;)