January 5, 2012

Light Blue Summer Skies

Inspired by the ubiquitous collar-beneath-sweater-adorned-with-a-necklace look, I paired this violet blue f21 sweater (the one I was telling you about with the holes), bunched up the sleeves for a more relaxed vibe to counter-balance the proper-ness of the white collar (and frankly, to dissemble that nasty hole at the sleeve and to temporarily alter the awkward not-quite-3-quarter-sleeve length), with a blue and purple floral necklace, and my trusty white skirt.

Unfortunately, the bulk created by the sweater and collar shirt could not be masked with a simple belt, oh well. I'd also like to introduce to you my other baby, the white converse sneaker. My converse sneakers all happily live together in my closet, and I'm sure you'll all grow tired of my pairing every outfit with a corresponding converse sneaker. (:

f21 sweater
white button up shirt
floral necklace gifted
white skirt from target
white converse
cheap rings from a long time ago
(Thanks for reading;)