January 27, 2012

I was browsing and... (January Wishlist)

I thought I would start doing these monthly "I was browsing... " online and I came across these beautiful intriguing articles of clothing type of posts. Let me know if you enjoy them. 
I wear leggings almost all the time, so naturally, I was drawn to these leggings (link) that have a little more detail than your average black stretchy pants: zippers! They add a tough effect and would look great juxtaposed with a flowy white top or something of a girly nature, or with this baggy hoodie (link) for a relaxed feel. I adore hoodies, especially with kangaroo pockets (my favorite type of pockets! is that weird to have a favorite type of pocket.. probably) in the winter time, or maybe even in the spring (which you will see a post on very soon).
I love these two outfits, every piece and part of it. The first one, which is definitely more like my style, includes a bright red eye-catching hoodie (link) which just makes me swoon (again with the adorable hoodies) with a white cat on the front and little white cat ears on the hood, paired with shorts, tights, and winter boots. The second features a darling cream sweater adorned with a thicker peter pan collar, which is honestly all the rage on blogs these days, this tulle skirt with a sheer overlay of polka dots (link), and the usual tights and black heels. Oh goodness, I don't even have the adjectives to describe this delightful skirt, but as for the price, not so much. I bet all this online browsing will eventually drive me crazy, but it's worth it.
(Thanks for reading;)