December 13, 2011

Rose Garden

Whenever I go shopping, I tend to browse through the tops (more like viciously flip through the racks hungrily) and ignore the bottoms section entirely. In fact, off the top of my head, I can't even remember which section the pants and skirts are sold in my favorite stores. So most of the time, I lay out the pretty top I'm going to wear, and whatever pants or skirt matches it, which can result in a lack of variety since my black jeans match everything, but here's an outfit with jean shorts and sweater tights. Still on a hunt for the perfect not-very-opaque, good quality, even-looking pair of normal tights, after my favorite pair ripped down the entire leg (a very sad moment).

The floral shirt I'm wearing has little bits of see-through mesh material, 
so you can wear a bright colored tshirt inside and have it peek through, 
but here I kept it simple with a grey tee inside.

american rag floral long sleeve top from macys
jean shorts
sweater tights from target
american apparel jacket
black converse shoes
(Thanks for reading;)