December 30, 2011

Wanted: Tea Party Dresses

I've never been a big fan of cotton sundresses or tight movement-limiting sequin tank dresses or even the glamorous satin prom dresses. They just don't sit well on my stick-like body and frankly they're not really my style, but I think I've found my perfect type of dress: these beautiful high rounded collar, sleeveless mini dresses with pleats or ruffles that hit right at the perfect spot of several inches above the knee. They remind me of first lady, tea-party dresses, and with all the free time winter break gives me, I amassed pictures from various websites to feed my obsession.
One. This was one of the first dresses I came across, while browsing online blogs and websites, 
and I am crazy in love with the bold color of the stand-alone dress that allows minimal accessories and the casual, yet sheer delicate fabric.

Two. Another one from the same, vintage clothing website, that I was drawn to by the higher collar in the front and v shape in the back. The color, pattern of minuscule hearts, pleats, and bow is absolutely mesmerizing.

Three. It's the same type of dress by with sheer stripes around the collar, as well as the bottom. 
Something about partially sheer tops and dresses make me shamelessly ogle at them.
My favorite part about these dresses is that it's tight at the top and flares out at the bottom: the best of both. 

Four. How adorable is this burnt orange and cream dress? 
The gathering at the collar, rough-looking belt, and the cream peeked out under the full skirt: it's all spectacular. 

Five. I usually wouldn't be a fan of this muddy green olive color, 
but with lace overlay in the front, leaving the v shaped back, paired with oxfords and the cute hat, it's hard to resist, and for a significantly lower price than the rest.

Six. I saved the best for last: probably the most formal looking.
But it's mostly just the shape of the dress and how much it matches the dress from my dreams that makes me love it.

I just can't get over how adorable these dresses are. Can you?
(Thanks for reading;)