December 13, 2011

A starting place..

I guess a simple introduction about myself is a great starting place for this blog. I'm sixteen, and have already discovered the beautiful fashion world on the internet, mostly through my initial discovery of chictopia and the very similar lookbook, and for the lack of less cheesy words, fallen head over heels into the organized chaos of patterned scarfs, delicate lace dresses, over-sized chunky cardigans, and velvet skirts in the wintertime. For a long time now, I've found myself scrolling through pages of fashion blogs, mesmerized by the pieces they acquire and how they style these, everyday after school, sometimes frustrated when my absolute favorite blogs don't post several days in a row. When I discover a new blog, fresh off chictopia, it feels like discovering fashion all over again, and to be impressed every time with the most amazing photography and lighting.
So I thought I would give this fashion blogging a try (although I've been posting on chictopia for maybe a year now, it's an entirely different feeling having your own blog) and I'm beyond excited to start. You can tell all this is very romanticized in my mind, haha.  But, nevertheless, here's to a new adventure...

(Thanks for reading;)