December 24, 2011

Sophisticated Vibe

I wore this to my mom's company annual party.
This is actually the first time I've worn this bodycon skirt since I bought it over the summer. I can never find a way to wear this to school while staying casual at the same time, because this simple black and white striped skirt can dress up anything, I swear, even a ratty baggy tshirt.
Mixing patterns: stripes and florals, yay. But I figured the colors of the top and the skirt were pretty plain on their own, 
so I threw on this red cardigan and a belt. Better?

Seeing a ton of other blogs always including food pictures, I thought I'd sneak in a picture of the dessert: fruit tart with salty honey glaze. Yumm.
Also, Merry Christmas! :D
bodycon skirt from love culture
INC cropped cardigan
belt from f21
american rag floral long sleeve top from macy's
sweater tights from target
(Thanks for reading;)