December 16, 2011

Just like all the seasons...

Never stay the same. 
All around me I can feel a change. 
I will break these chains that bind me, 
Happiness will find me. 
Leave the past behind me, 
Today my life begins.
-Bruno Mars's Today My Life Begins (I rediscovered it)

Finals are officially over and my hard work has definitely paid off, as my eyes fill with tears after learning I received an A in Calculus, the hardest course I'm taking. Still, my favorite part about it is a new semester awaits. New grades and new improvements, it's like a small starting over. Here's my simple outfit, centering around the draped cardigan.

So I was editing the pictures, and I realized that the camera or light completely washed my sweater out and neutralized the  bright yellow color, making it look like a white or cream sweater, but don't be fooled. Here's a more accurate picture of the sweater, and even in my room, the lighting washes it out. It's actually a very vibrant almost neon yellow. I didn't want to go back outside in the cold, haha.

sweater from my mom
draped cardigan 
jeans from celebrity pink jeans
rose cuff thrifed
belt, necklace from f21
(Thanks for reading;)